A001_Noirgaze's 2023 LFW Campaign

Dream of the Red Chamber / 2023
Noirgaze | London Fashion Week

Introducing Noirgaze's 2023 London Fashion Week Campaign, where we exalt the magnificence and fortitude of nature through the timeless allure of stone. Our campaign is an ode to the idea that, after the tempest subsides, only the unyielding stone remains untouched by the waters—a reflection of the enduring beauty and resilience inherent in Noirgaze's fashion.



Our tagline, "After the tide, only the stone is left unruffled by the water, the strength of the stone permeates through the sand." encapsulates the very essence of our campaign. We hold the stone as nature's guardian—primal, tranquil, and eternally captivating, mirroring the distinctive elegance of Noirgaze's style.

I've crafted three striking posters and social media posts that convey our profound message, complemented by an exquisite art installation gracing the NOIRGAZE pop-up showroom on Red Church Street. This installation masterfully employs natural elements like stones and bricks, fashioning a breathtaking design that venerates the enduring potency of nature.



At Noirgaze, our mission is to convey a narrative of strength, beauty, and resilience. Our 2023 London Fashion Week Campaign stands as a testament to these principles, and we cordially invite you to join us in celebrating the splendor of nature and the unwavering fortitude of our brand.