The Homesick Recipe

The homesick recipe / 2021
University of the Arts London/ Design for Art Direction
🏆 London International Creative Competition / Finalists in Illustrate (graphic) 🏆

The Homesick Recipe is a Cantonese cookbook with charming illustrations for Hongkongers living in the UK. Its warm style, unique printing, and simple recipes allow readers to easily prepare home-cooked dishes, bringing the taste of home to their new surroundings. The book combines digital fabric printing with organic Half-Panama Cotton, featuring a Japanese binding that connects each illustration and recipe.

The Homesick Recipe is not just a cookbook; it's a journey back to your roots. Its design, embracing minimalism, incorporates a wooden stand and soft-toned fabrics. The typography, reminiscent of old Hong Kong calendars, instantly evokes a sense of nostalgia. Adopting a childlike style with gentle colours, the illustrations provide a week's worth of recipes accompanied by visual depictions of the dishes and ingredients, further enhancing the nostalgic experience.

As an ode to Hongkongers adjusting to life in the UK, The Homesick Recipe offers a taste of home, helping them alleviate their longing for familiar flavours while they embark on their new journey.

Team |
Ka Wing Kavieng Cheng 
Cheuk Yiu Ng