A003_Vegetarianism_You are the grave!

You are the grave! / 2020
University of the Arts London/ Design for Art Direction
This campaign aims to promotes vegetarianism with the slogan "You became the grave of the corpse." To reach a worldwide audience, we create three versions: one for each of Chinese, Japanese, and English-speaking markets.

The concept remains consistent: highlighting how meat consumption makes individuals unwittingly 'graves' for the animals they eat. However, the visuals vary, showcasing different cultural tombstone styles without depicting meat. 

Global campaigns often require multiple versions of art direction and copywriting to suit diverse markets. This tailored approach respects cultural differences while delivering a universal message, targeting teenagers and young people globally.




In copywriting, the slogan is "You became the grave of the corpse.". The slogan has developed into three different languages:

_A003b_ 你成為了屍體的墳墓。
_A003c_  You became the grave of the corpse.